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Born in El Salvador, Felix Wilfredo also known as DJ Willi Will, came to the United States with his mother and sister when he was 5 years old.

His interest in music began at a young age recording beats from the radio. He began playing back his own mixes for family and friends at parties since he could not afford to buy tapes or records. His passion for a musical career developed by listening to countless hours of YouTube mixes and watching DJ videos online. While living in Miami, Florida his foundation for music was built on the Miami nightlife’s musical exposure. Soon after he moved to Long Branch, New Jersey where he settled down and set his musical career to rest. But it was not long before his passion started nudging at him and he bought his first mixer and house speakers. He began mixing at family parties pulling in crowds on the dance floor and soon enough he was requested and known in the local town. His recognition within the town bought him to many great insiders which have helped him network onto more prominent projects and events. What started out as mixing at family parties and proms now consist of full weekends of DJ’ing at some of New York City’s hottest Latin clubs and rooftop parties.

DJ Willi Will has dove head first in the Dominican culture. “I feel like I was a part of the music and this great deal of happiness that people felt when they were on the dance floor relating to the music” he says. His greatest influences in the industry have no doubt been DJ Alex Sensation, DJ Anuedy and DJ Lobo. “These talented people have created a stepping stone for many of us that are striving to make it such a competitive industry. We’ve been given the tools… all we need to do is apply ourselves” says DJ Willi Will. The Latin market has been what has driven him the most but he has definitely expanded to different genres of music and is still dabbling in anything that gets his musical ear going.

Currently he takes his musical talents to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City. But he is not stopping there; he is planning to continue growing and soon enough he will be taking his mixes globally.